• Hello! I have though of this new category called "Pairings" i know some ITZY Pairings such as Ryeji(Ryujin x Yeji), Ria(Lia x Ryujin), 2Shin(Ryujin x Yuna), ChaeJi(Chaeryeong x Yeji), Yuji(Yuna x Yeji), YuLia(Yuna x Lia), Yuryeong(Yuna x Chaeryeong) and Yejisu(Yeji x Lia)! I can add the pages for each pairing but i would like it if you added the Pairings category! If you will add it or have any questions abut the pairings, contact me on (G)I-DLE or ITZY Wiki, my Instagram(jenniejichuunnie), my Twitter(jihyo_cult) and my Discord(Seda_Unnie#5199)!

    Thanks for later!


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    • hello. i had been wanting to start this category for some time but i never had time for this. I'm going to add, okay? :-)

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    • Ok. I will edit the category for you. Trust me!

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    • But the problem is, i don't know how to make the table for pairings similar of what TWICE Wiki has.

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    • what table? could you show me?

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    • Here is a screenshot(i also cropped it in ):

      For something

      It's like this but with ITZY members. So that the ship/pairing names lead to the pairing/ship page!

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    • let me do that!! :) just give me the names of all itzy ships

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    • Ok! I will split it into groups:


      Yeji x Yeji= -

      Yeji x Lia= YeJisu

      Yeji x Ryujin= Ryeji

      Yeji x Chaeryeong= ChaerJi

      Yeji x Yuna=Yuji


      Lia x Yeji= YeJisu

      Lia x Lia= -

      Lia x Ryujin= Ria

      Lia x Chaeryeong= ChaerJisu

      Lia x Yuna= YuLia


      Ryujin x Yeji= Ryeji

      Ryujin x Lia= Ria

      Ryujin x Ryujin= -

      Ryujin x Chaeryeong= ChaerJin

      Ryujin x Yuna= 2Shin


      Chaeryeong x Yeji= ChaerJi

      Chaeryeong x Lia= ChaerJisu

      Chaeryeong x Ryujin= ChaerJin

      Chaeryeong x Chaeryeong= -

      Chaeryeong x Yuna= Yuryeong


      Yuna x Yeji= Yuji

      Yuna x Lia= YuLia

      Yuna x Ryujin= 2Shin

      Yuna x Chaeryeong= Yuryeong

      Yuna x Yuna= -

      I didn't know the real ship name for Chaeryeong x Lia/Lia x Chaeryeong so i decided ChaerJisu.

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    • done! if you want any other help just ask. :)

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    • sure, i will

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    • I have done with the Pairings. 20 days of hard work. I will add up "Facts" to Trivia and "Gallery" to the articles soon. I think i will do it before September or in September. I will just let it breath like that for 1-2 months.

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