Not Shy is the third extended play by the South-Korean girl group ITZY. It was released on August 17, 2020, with "Not Shy" serving as the title track.

The physical album is available in three versions, A, B, and C.


ITZY’s new song, ‘Not Shy’ is released!

The 4th gen girl group, ITZY’s fearless love begins!

- The new song, ‘Not Shy’, talks about fearless love that doesn’t care about how it ends, “You’re mine anyway” - Extraordinary expression for love! The best synergy of JYP x ITZY - Producers representing the K-pop scene are all in! KENZIE-LDN Noise-이스란, indicates the album will be on top of the charts - ‘Performance artisans’ ITZY, presents record making power performance! Captures K-pop fans hearts! ITZY sings fearless love through the new mini album ‘Not Shy’!

The five members, Yeji, Lia, Ryujin, Chaeryeong, and Yuna come back with a title song that has a love theme for the first time since their debut.

The title song ‘Not Shy’ is an up tempo R&B dance song with quick beats and intense saxophone, and candid vocals about the emotions of being deeply in love and not caring about how things will end. The song expresses it in the most “ITZY” way, giving us the cool sensation of fizzy drinks.

JYP’s representative Jinyoung Park devoted his heart and soul to deliver the love song that suits ITZY. Lyrics like “I want you, who cares, Cuz I'm not shy. You don’t need to answer quick, You’re mine anyways”, “You just gotta watch me” shows the fearless display of the emotion of love. The young songwriter Kobee, who’s in the center of the music scene of gen Z, participated in the producing and completing the impactful sound.

Jinyoung Park explains that “Making this song, we focused on letting ITZY express their energy as much as they’d like. The choreography is also powerful and stylish”. Just like what he says, the performance of ‘Not Shy’ maximizes ITZY’s charm and proves their reputation of being the ‘artisans of performance’. As the members also mentioned that this choreography was the hardest of all so far, we can assume their extensive preparation.

‘Not Shy’’s music video is filled with thrilling fast-paced scenes that make the viewer’s heart beat faster, and also presents us with pinpoint accurate group choreography. The members worked really hard for the flawless video, shooting for 5 days straight. Yeji and Ryujin showed a great deal of enthusiasm by getting their driver's licenses in order to shoot the chase scenes in the wilderness.

The new album has six songs, which includes ‘Don’t Give A What’, ‘Louder’, ‘iD’, ‘SURF’, ‘Be In Love’ and the title song. It’s worth noting that the artists who currently represent K-pop have their names on the credits of the album.

The song 'Don’t Give A What' is co-written by the lyricist 이스란, who’s worked with SHINEE and GOT7, to show us her sentimental lyrics. The other co-writer is collapsedone, who’s participated in producing TWICE’s ‘KNOCK KNOCK’ and ‘What Is Love?’

The lyrics of ‘Louder’ are written by Dr.JO, who’s famous for working with girl groups such as TWICE and Apink.

The song ‘SURF’s lyrics were written by the songwriting team ‘danke’, who made the new record on BillBoard’s world chart and Spotify’s streaming chart, and the song was arranged by the most sought-after producing team from Britain, LDN Noise.

KENZIE, who’s praised among the K-pop fans as ‘The Masterpiece Maker’, wrote the song ‘Be In Love’. MosPick, Young Chance, Danke also participated in the songwriting.

The ‘DALLA DALLA’ MV had over two hundred million views on YouTube last June, making ITZY the group that has earned two hundred million views in the short time of a year and 4 months.
— ITZY Official Site


  1. "Not Shy" - 2:58
  2. "Don't Give A What" - 3:17
  3. "Louder" - 3:22
  4. "iD" - 3:27
  5. "SURF" - 3:14
  6. "Be In Love" - 3:21






  • This is the first ITZY album that does not use the IT'z prefix.
  • In this album, Yeji and Ryujin took their driving license cards for the Car scene.
  • In the M/V for Not Shy, Ryujin was originally supposed to drive the car but due to her hat, they had Yeji drive instead.


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